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2022 Half Ice Challenge Tournament

November 25-27, 2022. Semi Finals and Finals Sunday A/B/Rec Divisions


  • Half ice with full size dividers and full size nets
  • 4 vs. 4 plus a goalie on each side
  • Recommended roster of 8 to 14 kids per team
  • 2 each 20 minute periods with a minute break in between periods
  • Line changes ever 2 minutes. Buzzer every 2 minutes for line changes. Note: no changes on the fly.
  • Each 2 minute shift begins with a faceoff at center
  • When a goal is scored or the goalie covers the puck, the play is whistled dead and the puck is placed behind the goal with the on-ice official instructing the scoring team to retreat to center
  • USA hockey rules with penalties – play is stopped, player is removed from ice for balance of shift with no substitutions. Possession shall be given to the team on the power play at center ice.


  • If your team has 2 sets of jerseys, please bring both. If not, please bring a set of pinnies. Note: home team is light and away team is dark
  • All teams must be prepared to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game time
  • This tournament is being promoted as a fun and safe one. Please spread this attitude to your coaches, parents, and players. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
  • A team is awarded 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.
  • Tiebreakers for round robin standings will in order be a) Wins, b) Head to Head, c) Goals against, and d) Coin Toss
  • Please have a manager or coach check in with the Silver Stick marshal to get the scoresheet
  • Both teams will record goals and turn their scoresheet into the Silver Stick marshal at the end of each game
  • In the event of an injury, play will stop on the half ice where it occurred and all players shall take a knee. Play will continue on the other half of the ice until the next buzzer. At the time, play shall stop on both sides and the clock will stop until both games are ready to resume