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The Eastern Regional Silver Stick tournament is sanctioned by USA HOCKEY and THE INTERNATIONAL SILVER STICK HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, INC. The tournament will be conducted under the rules of those governing bodies, with the exceptions as described herein.


All teams must be properly registered with USA HOCKEY. Either the team manager or the head coach must submit a copy of a current USA HOCKEY team roster form 1-T that has been approved / signed by your District Registrar.


Teams are required to be on the ice at the listed game time, or they will be charged with a forfeit. Each team must be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game, in case the tournament is running ahead of schedule. You will be notified by the tournament marshals at the rink if your game will be starting earlier.

Warm-up time before each game will consist of three (3) minutes for all age levels. The warm-up time will commence when the Zamboni has left the ice, the gates are closed and referees are on the ice. No team is to take the ice without a referees approval. Violation of this will result in a 2 minute delay of game penalty.

Players Bench – only team players and a maximum of four (4) team officials will be permitted in the bench area.

Each team will designate one (1) player as Team Captain. The on-ice officials will communicate, when necessary, exclusively with the designated Team Captain or the Head Coach. Extensive delays caused by coaches and/or players will result in a minor penalty for delay.

If one team is leading the other by six (6) goals during the third period, the game clock will go to running time, until such time when the lead is less than six (6) goals. The only exceptions to the running time procedures will be during injuries, assessment of penalties, and when a goal is scored. Running time in these situations will resume after the ensuing face-off.

Off ice officiating (time clock) will be done by HCYHC (Howard County Youth Hockey Club) approved personnel only. The home team will supply an off ice official for scorekeeping if determined by HCYHC. Each team must provide their own penalty box coverage.


All minor penalties at the Squirt level will be 1 1⁄2 minutes in duration. Major penalties will be four (4) minutes in duration, and Misconduct penalties will be eight (8) minutes in durations. All minor penalties at the PW / Bantam / Midget level will be 2 minutes in duration. Major penalties will be five (5) minutes in duration, and Misconduct penalties will be ten (10) minutes in durations.

Any player or coach removed from any game by the referee for a Game Misconduct penalty shall not be permitted to participate in that team’s very next game and must have a meeting with the Tournament Discipline Committee prior to their next scheduled game.

When a Match or Gross Misconduct penalty is assessed, the incident shall be reported immediately to the Tournament Discipline Committee. The player shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Those suspensions shall be reported to the USA HOCKEY DISTRICT and the home league of the player of team officials.


Profanity or excessive taunting will not be tolerated from players, team officials, parents or fans. Players and team officials will be assessed penalties in accordance with USA HOCKEY’S ZERO TOLERANCE philosophy. Spectators guilty of the above will be asked to leave the facility.


Any player that receives a fighting major in the tournament is banished from the rest of the tournament.


The use of artificial noisemakers such as air horns, cowbells and coin-filled bottles is strictly prohibited during Silver Stick games. This rule will be enforced by the tournament staff.


No protests will be permitted under any circumstances. The decision of the tournament director is final in all cases.


All on ice officials are USA HOCKEY registered. A minimum of one official will be used in 10U and 12U games. Minimum of two officials will be used in 14U, 16U, and 18U games.


The home team (as randomly selected by the Tournament Committee) will wear white jerseys.


Locker room assignments are made by the arena personnel. They will be posted at the front of the rink and at the check in table. A team official must be present before players will be allowed access to the locker room. Locker rooms must be cleaned of all tape, trash and other articles before the team vacates the locker room. A trash receptacle is located in each room. PLAYERS MUST DRESS IN THEIR ASSIGNED LOCKER ROOM.


  • Mite Rec – one 4 team division
  • Mite B – one 6 team division
  • Mite A – one 5 team division
  • Squirt Rec – one 5 team division
  • Squirt B – one 6 team division
  • Squirt A – one 10 team division
  • Squirt AA – one 5 team division
  • Peewee Rec – one 4 team division
  • Peewee B – one 4 team division
  • Peewee A – one 12 team division
  • Peewee AA – one 8 team division
  • Bantam B – one 5 team division
  • Bantam A – one 10 team division
  • Bantam AA – one 8 team division
  • U16A – one 8 team division
  • U16 AA – one 6 team division
  • U18AA – one 4 team division
  • Girls 14U A – one 4 team division
  • Girls 19U A – one 5 team division


  • The roster that you submitted online to the tournament website is your official roster for the tournament. There are no changes to that roster after Friday, November 18th.
  • No player may be rostered for more than one team in the tournament.
  • No player that is rostered for the 2022-2023 season on a Tier 1 team is eligible for the tournament.
  • No player that is rostered for the current season on a Tier 2 team is eligible to play in the Rec division of the tournament.


Tournament results will be posted on StatMonster ( throughout the duration of the tournament. QR Codes will be available at the rinks as well. Tournament Divisional standings will be decided on a point system. Points are awarded on the basis of the following:

2 points for each game won, 1 point for each game tied, 0 point for each game lost


The winning team will be awarded two (2) points. A forfeited game will not be used as a determining factor in a tie breaking situation.


No player may play in any playoff games without having played in at least one of their teams round robin games.


There is one timeout per team allowed per game.


If two or more teams in a division have an equal number of points, their position in the standings will be determined by:

* Winner of head-to-head between tied teams (only if two teams are tied)

* Fewest total goals allowed in tournament play
* Lowest total penalty minute total in tournament play
* Coin Flip


If a team withdraws prior to the start of the tournament or during the tournament, it will be up to the discretion of the Tournament Director as to how to reformat the schedule to insure a three game minimum for the remaining teams in that division. Entry fees for any team that withdraws will not be refunded.


Should any of the tournament quarter final, semi-final or championship games result in a tie at the end of regulation time, a five (5) minute sudden death overtime period shall be played. That five minute sudden death overtime period will be played 3 vs. 3. If a penalty occurs during the overtime, it will go to a 4 vs. 3 format. If the same team takes two penalties, it will go to a 5 vs. 3 format. If after the overtime the game is still tied, a five (5) player shootout will be held. Before the shootout, each Head Coach will give the referee a list of the five (5) shooters, listed in the order of taking the shot. A coin toss will determine which team will shoot first. The team that wins the coin toss may elect to shoot first or shoot second. In the case of a tie following this shootout, a sudden death shootout will then take place. Each team will again present a list of 5 different shooters than those that competed in the first round of the shootout. A player that is serving a penalty at the end of regulation time is not eligible to take part in the shootout. That process continues if necessary until all players are used in the shootout, before any player can shoot again.


In all cases, the decision of the Tournament Director (or attending rink Tournament Marshal) is final.


All schedules are current as of November 18, 2022. Please check our website prior to the tournament at for any updates and our tournament site


In the event of a COVID-19 resurgence, the tournament will be played under the guidelines in place at the time of the tournament in the State of Maryland, and the counties within Maryland where the games are played. All participants (spectators, coaches, players, officials) are to follow CDC guidelines in place at the time of the tournament.

Rink Protocols for each rink are different and must be adhered to at all times. Mask mandates if in place, must be followed at all times for each rink. The Tournament Director will email teams prior to the tournament with rink protocols and rink websites were updates can be followed.